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Hello there.

I am 54 years old and have recently (2013) returned to the plastic kit building hobby after a 30 year break. I have a lot to (re)learn and new skills to pick up. I paint using hairy sticks (brushes), as I do not have the room for an airbrush set up.

I am no expert, but find that each model I build is a little better than the one before, which is the point, yes?

My interests are wide-ranging. I usually build World War II aircraft in 1/32 scale – at least the single-engined ones. I use 1/48 for multi-engine WWII planes such as the Beaufighter, Mitchell etc.

Modern jets tend to be larger so, with a couple of exceptions, I build those in 1/48.

I like ships too, and build mostly in 1/350 – 1/700 is too fiddly for these arthritic hands. I do have the 1/200 Trumpeter Bismarck in my stash. This wil be joined by the Hood if and when Trumpy finally release it.

I also build tanks and other armour in 1/35 scale.

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