Centurion Part 7: Finished!

This is the AFV Club 1/35 RAAC (Royal Australian Armoured Corps) Centurion Mk V/I, with Eduard PE and various bits from the spares box. I did have the excellent AFV Club working tracks, but gave up when I realised my arthritic hands couldn’t cope. That’s also why I only used around 20% of the PE.  😦

This kit is very highly detailed OOB, and I recommend it. AFV Club achieve the detail by having a high parts count – giving more possibilities during the production process. We’re talking Dragon levels of parts here.


I keep looking at the red/brown mud effect, so common in Vietnam where this tank served, and think I’ve overdone it. However, looking at various photos, I think I may have understated it.

I mean, look at the mud and the colour!

I mean, look at the mud and the colour – and you can see the colours are washed out on this old photo!

42. Finished

41. Finished

40. Finished

39. Finished

38. Finished

37. Finished

36. Finished

35. Finished

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