Centurion Part 4: Slow and Fiddly Progress.

This kit is the 1/35 AFV Club Royal Australian Armoured Corps Centurion Mk 5/1 as used in Vietnam. I have added the individual link track set, and the PE turret basket netting, both also by AFV for this kit. I have since weakened and acquired the excellent Eduard PE set too.

This is my first AFV Club kit. The level of detail is excellent – way better than Tamiya’s good quality. However, they have achieved this by upping the parts count significantly, because more and smaller parts allows more detail in the moulds. This, combined with the PE, takes this kit way out of the so-called ‘shake ‘n’ bake’ we expect from Tamiya.

So it feels to me like progress has been slow, because there are so many parts.

17. PE

All the PE. There’s loads of it!

18. Back to it

Where I left it a couple of weeks ago, after the resin camo nets arrived, allowing to finish off the Chieftain.

19. More stuff

Progress! That aluminium barrel is a thing of beauty. Also, PE beginning to sprout from various bits of the kit.

20. Front End PE

More PE, plus seam clean up to be done before going any further.

21. Tracks

Indi-link tracks. They look great, but are hard work for my arthritic hands.

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