Centurion Part 3: You Have Got to be Jesting Me!

This kit is the 1/35 AFV Club Royal Australian Armoured Corps Centurion Mk 5/1 as used in Vietnam. I have added the individual link track set, and the PE turret basket netting, both also by AFV for this kit.

I have got a lot done this weekend but, before I go into that, a little rant is called for.

When I first opened the box, I was very happy to see that the rubber part of the wheels were provided separately to the wheels themselves. This, I thought, would save me a great deal of trouble masking. I thought I could paint the wheels and rubber, then bring them together.


The high (or deep, depending which way you look at it) rims are part of the black rubber! That means the painting problem is now, in my view, even worse than had the metallic and rubber part of the wheels been moulded in single parts. I am flaming annoyed with AFV Club. This is stupid design.

Can you see how stupid the design is?

Can you see how how bad it is?

Despite rather too many VeryBadWords, I still got a lot done – see below. The PE turret basket netting is started. The return rollers and drive sprockets are on the hull, and a start has been made on the tracks – wonderful – they just clip together.

Saturday progress.

Saturday progress.

Turret storage bins are on, as are various details to the rear of the hull. The ruddy wheels are assembled to the first stage i.e. the rubber parts have been CA’d on. Loads more track length assembled. More done on the basket PE, but won’t be finished until the CA accelerator gets here next week.

Much progress, and all those bl***y badly designed wheels.

Sunday and done until next weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Centurion Part 3: You Have Got to be Jesting Me!

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  2. I’ve seen a few such stupid engineering decisions. Makes you wonder sometimes if the designers have ever built a model!


  3. We live in a stupid world. You just had another example.
    Love how you want to make a better world with your modelling.


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