Chieftain Part 3: Resin all in Place.

I have run out of workbench time for this weekend, sadly. But I did get heaps done. Most of the non-resin parts are now on the kit. What’s left are things, like the commander’s MG, that are too fragile to be attached yet.

All the resin parts are on now: barrel, stowage baskets, gun travel lock, exhausts, rear storage, various hatches, commander’s cupola, Clansman radio box and two antenna bases, smoke dischargers, NBC box on rear of turret, engine grill.

This is the first time I have used resin and I am amazed by the difference it makes. That barrel, for example, is incredible! I shall be using resin again in the future.

All the resin!

All the resin! Click for larger image.

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