Chieftain Part 1: Major Plastic Surgery.

This is a full build, warts and all, of the Tamiya 1/35 Mk.V Chieftain tank, also using the CastOff Mk.VIII resin upgrade set. I managed to get 5 hours at my workbench today. Yay! Here’s what I’ve got done:-

  • All 24 roadwheels sanded – that took the most time. They’re assembled now, but not painted. Yes, there were mumbled BadWords.
  • Hull bottom has holes in it, because this kit was available in a motorised version many moons ago. The plasticard covers the holes from the inside, so I can…
  • … use plastic filler made from spare sprue (soak in liquid cement overnight and you get a paste) fill the holes from the outside. When set, this filler can be treated just like the kit plastic for sanding purposes.
  • Major plastic surgery part 1: cutting out the rear engine decking, because there’s a much finer replacement in resin to go in there. I’m unused to cutting away large sections of plastic, so it was a bit nerve-wracking. You can see the missing plastic in the upper hull in the picture below.
  • Plastic surgery part 2: removing a lot of raised detail from the rear of the turret. The Mk.VIII NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) box was much larger, so the parts moulded in had to go. Precision work with a chisel, then sander. Resin replacement parts on standby.
  • Plastic surgery part 3: cutting away the storage boxes around the rear light cluster. The CastOff upgrade kit provides much finer resin replacements.
  • Oh! Washed all the parts – especially careful with the resin bits.

And that’s it until next weekend.

Plastic surgery results.

Plastic surgery results.


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