Nanette’s Decals Are Done – Weathering Next Weekend.

It has taken me all of my workbench time this weekend to get Nanette’s decals on – there are so many of them. Who’d have thunk it of a WWII aircraft? I thought it was a relatively modern thing to have half of the engineering and servicing manual printed onto the ‘plane.

I didn’t manage to clean off all of the DecalFix before it dried, and you can see the residue. I’m kinda hoping the matt coat and weathering will hide it. Any thoughts?

14. Decals done top 15. Decals done bottom

Nanette part 1
Nanette part 2
Nanette part 3
Nanette part 4
Nanette part 5
Nanette part 6
Nanette part 7
Nanette part 8


4 thoughts on “Nanette’s Decals Are Done – Weathering Next Weekend.

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  2. You’re using a different brand than I do, but this stuff can be nasty. I would try cleaning the area good, then apply an oil wash over the whole model equally. That might help provide a consistent coloring for the whole surface. Good luck!


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