I return to the kit from hell.

Hello fellow model-makers – and anybody else wandering by. It’s been a busy week and I have only just got back to my workbench to:-

That moment when…

You realize that the camo pattern images you’re working from are from are from two different aircraft!

FFS and other VeryBadWords.

I will take some artistic license. This is the Revell 1/32 P-39, but I am painting it as ‘Nanette’, the one flow by Edwards Park. He wrote Nanette and Angels Twenty (which I just got a copy of after years of searching). No photographs exits of Nanette. Park describes her as a “breathtakingly beautiful, grey/green/brown…”. I have sourced decals for the number 74 – Nanette’s number, but am winging it on the camo pattern, as photography of other P-39s in this scheme show a lot of variation. This seems especially true of P-39s that had been out in New Guinea for any length of time.




8 thoughts on “I return to the kit from hell.

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  7. Hey at least its a plane that was never photographed! No one can call your interpretation “wrong”.
    Congrats on finding “Angels Twenty” I actually liked it better than “Nanette”.


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