Finished for the Weekend.

I’ve done as much as I have time for this weekend. As you can see, the grey is on the belly, together with a panel line wash. Also, the first coat of olive drab is on the upper side.

I am not building this as supplied by Revell, but rather as ‘Nanette’, the mount of the famous author (‘Nanette’ and ‘Angels Twenty’) Edwards Park. No photographs seem to exist of ‘Nanette’, although Park describes her as “… grey, green and brown”, in his books. Unfortunately, the brown used seems to range from a reddish-brown (similar to NATO Brown), down to almost buff on the P-39s that wore the scheme. Whether this is due to weathering, or different paints being used (or even a bit of both), I do not know and have been unable to find out. My current intention is to use a thinned NATO Brown for that part of the scheme.

I have sourced the decals that will let me put the number 74 on the nose and tail of the kit – that was Nanette’s number. I also need to replicate a tar stain under the nose that Park says she wore until she was destroyed in an air raid. This was apparently caused by him running through a puddle of the stuff while taxiing.

First thinned coat on.

First thinned coat on.


Panel line wash on – thinned Tamiya ‘Smoke’ X-19.


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  8. Its great to see someone working on Nanette! I loved “Angels 20” and “Nanette” both; its fascinating to read about an “average” pilot and his perspective on a number of things.
    I look forward to seeing Nanette take form here.


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