Fighting me all the way – Part 1.

My current project is the Revell (ex-MPM I think) 1/32 scale P-39D Airacobra.

It has, to say the very least, been a fight. There are few locating tabs or pins, loads of flash, and many parts just don’t fit. I have never had to use so much filler, with subsequent so much sanding, on a kit. But picture tell a thousand words, so here we go:-

Starting the cockpit. The instrument panel is split horizontally and has no locating surfaces – a butt joint. You can probably see the white plasticard I used to provide more of a mating surface for the glue.


All the pegs!

All the pegs! It is normal to hold surfaces together with pegs while the glue does its job. This many pegs are a sign of warped parts that are having to be forced together. *sigh*


Cockpit in - fuselage joined.

Cockpit in – fuselage joined. I was surprised by how (relatively) easily the fuselage halves closed around the cockpit sub-assembly. I suspect the kit is trying to lull me in to a false sense of security.


The above represent three weekend’s work – that being the only time I get to model, due to other commitments. Onwards and upwards.