More Decals.

Once again I can only get back to my workbench at the weekend.

So far today, I have spent 3 hours getting Nanette’s decals on. Topside is done, now I onto her underside. I took this just after putting the star on. The flash highlighted an excess of DecalFix – now dealt with. I shall probably finish the decals tomorrow, then start weathering next weekend.

13. More decals

My wife was ever so good about the smell of ammonia from the DecalFix – fortunately, we weren’t in the same room.  🙂

Nanette part 1
Nanette part 2
Nanette part 3
Nanette part 4
Nanette part 5
Nanette part 6
Nanette part 7


Nanette progress.

I didn’t get much time at my workbench this weekend, sadly. I did some touching-up on the paintwork (with more to come), and have begun putting the decals on, prior to the heavy weathering to come. The shiny stuff is the DecalFix still drying and will anyway disappear under the weathering to come.

She feels more like Nanette to me now that she has her number on.



I return to the kit from hell.

Hello fellow model-makers – and anybody else wandering by. It’s been a busy week and I have only just got back to my workbench to:-

That moment when…

You realize that the camo pattern images you’re working from are from are from two different aircraft!

FFS and other VeryBadWords.

I will take some artistic license. This is the Revell 1/32 P-39, but I am painting it as ‘Nanette’, the one flow by Edwards Park. He wrote Nanette and Angels Twenty (which I just got a copy of after years of searching). No photographs exits of Nanette. Park describes her as a “breathtakingly beautiful, grey/green/brown…”. I have sourced decals for the number 74 – Nanette’s number, but am winging it on the camo pattern, as photography of other P-39s in this scheme show a lot of variation. This seems especially true of P-39s that had been out in New Guinea for any length of time.



Don’t you just hate it when…

,,, life gets in the way of your hobby?

I won’t be getting and more done to Nanette this weekend, because too much ‘life admin’ stuff got in the way. It is tangentially model-related though, as it to do with moving house later this year, which will give me more space to work and display in. So, yay!

I hope to get some work done, with photographs, next weekend.

My next project

Now that Nanette is 70% complete, I need to start pulling together what I need for the next model up on the bench. I have almost run out of display space in our small flat, so am going to build the Tamiya 1/35 Mk.5 Chieftain tank next. We move to somewhere bigger this Summer, so I will be able to get stuck into my larger kits then.

The problem with this tank is that it depicts the Mk.5 which, despite its number, is somewhat of a prototype, rather than a vehicle that saw any service. I recently found online the long out of production Mk.8 resin upgrade set by Castoff. Even better, I got it for £14! As you can see from the photograph, this adds a whole new level of detail to the kit, as well as upgrading it to a production machine.

Box contents Resin bits

I shall document the build step-by-step here.

My Latest Acquisition

I have had the original Revell re-pop of the old Matchbox 1/72 scale Flower Class Corvette in my stash for some time. I have been lusting after the Premium Edition since it was released but, at £120+, couldn’t afford it. Look what arrived today:-



2. Flower extras

All that yummy PE, metal gun barrels and wood decks.

I have already sold the older version on eBay.

I got the kit for the amazing price of £70 from Veteranus their FaceBook group, and web shop. I cannot recommend their service and prices highly enough. They also ship internationally, I think.

Finished for the Weekend.

I’ve done as much as I have time for this weekend. As you can see, the grey is on the belly, together with a panel line wash. Also, the first coat of olive drab is on the upper side.

I am not building this as supplied by Revell, but rather as ‘Nanette’, the mount of the famous author (‘Nanette’ and ‘Angels Twenty’) Edwards Park. No photographs seem to exist of ‘Nanette’, although Park describes her as “… grey, green and brown”, in his books. Unfortunately, the brown used seems to range from a reddish-brown (similar to NATO Brown), down to almost buff on the P-39s that wore the scheme. Whether this is due to weathering, or different paints being used (or even a bit of both), I do not know and have been unable to find out. My current intention is to use a thinned NATO Brown for that part of the scheme.

I have sourced the decals that will let me put the number 74 on the nose and tail of the kit – that was Nanette’s number. I also need to replicate a tar stain under the nose that Park says she wore until she was destroyed in an air raid. This was apparently caused by him running through a puddle of the stuff while taxiing.

First thinned coat on.

First thinned coat on.


Panel line wash on – thinned Tamiya ‘Smoke’ X-19.

Now I can get on!

My current build, the 1/32 P-39, needs approximately 18,000 tones of weight to stop it being a tail-sitter (my wife has told me a million times not to exaggerate). I realised last weekend that there was no way the plastic undercarriage would take all that weight – it would snap. Fortunately, SAC make a white-metal replacement which is much sturdier, and more detailed. It came today, just in time for my weekend of modelling.

That's more like it!

That’s more like it!

Any modelling plans for the weekend?